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We provide the fastest and most affordable way to convert inefficient fluorescent fixtures into energy saving LED fixtures. Our RKT Series is Made in the U.S.A to the highest quality standards to give you proven performance with the easiest installation on the market.

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PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION: Product Model: RKT Series LED Conversion Kit – Product Description: LED Linear Fluorescent Conversion Kit, w/Magnetic LED Strips and Driver – Product Applications: Retrofit 2’ x 2’, 1’ x 4’, and 2’ x 4’ “troffers” and 4’ and 8’ linear fluorescent fixtures

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Our technology gives you the ability to convert almost any size and type fluorescent fixture:

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Voltage: 90-277v, 50- 60 Hz Power Factor: up to .998

Power Supplied: Quick-connect, remote driver Mounting method: Magnetic, quick-connect

Luminous Efficiency:

>170 lm/w LED module (149-158 lm/w luminaire)

CCT: 3500, 4000, 5000K*

CRI (Ra): 83 nominal, up to 95 CRI available

LM70 Lifespan: DLC >50,000, TM21 >196,000,

Extrapolated Data >300,000

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LEADERSHIP: Since 2011, Optilumen has been the pioneer in LED “strip kits” with sales channels that include direct, wholesale, and online, through major retailers such as the Home Depot. This latest American made advancement also includes increased efficiency through higher lumens per watt and longer operating life. For future maintenance, users never have to replace fluorescent ballasts, since the Optilumen solution uses LED drivers. For disposal, users don’t have to remove the fixture since the technology re-uses the existing housing as the heat sink. The technology also reduces the disposal cost and burden on landfills. The applications are extensive, ranging from the ubiquitous 2’ x 4’ troffers in office ceilings to industrial high bays as well as custom situations, such as recent specialized uses for automotive garage lifts to increase illumination underneath vehicles (see the lift video here).

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WHY NOW: As the private sector and the government leaders in the U.S. and around the world look to recover from the economic impact of COVID-19, this technology is ideal to reduce operating costs for buildings. According to the Alliance to Save Energy, U.S. buildings use about 70% of the total U.S. electricity consumption, and lighting accounts for 15% of total global energy consumption, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Optilumen’s RKT Series cuts energy costs by more than half relative to fluorescent lighting, and the installations are typically conducted in less than five minutes per fixture. Optilumen is also offering this Buy American Act (BAA) Compliant technology to the U.S. government through the GSA Schedule via a strategic partner. The release is expected by January 20, 2021, which is ideal for government procurement personnel to streamline purchasing. With President-elect Biden’s plan to upgrade 4 million buildings, Optilumen has an ideal solution to help meet the sustainability goals. Reducing the operating cost of over 3.4 billion square feet of U.S. government buildings can save taxpayers over $1.1 billion per year according to the American LED Alliance (ALA). Page #2 of the ALA Full Report has the government savings details. For the U.S. private sector’s 87 billion square feet of real estate, page #37 of the report also identifies a quarter trillion in cost savings, three trillion lbs of CO2 emissions reduction and over 500,000 new jobs. Optilumen is a key spoke on the wheel of sustainability solutions for cost reduction, American job creation, and overall environmental stewardship.

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