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LED Retrofit Kits and LED Conversion Products

Optilumen LED Retrofit Kits and LED Conversion Products are a simple upgrade to energy-efficient LED illumination systems. These kits are the most energy efficient illumination solutions available today.

With Optilumen Retrofit kits there is no need to buy new LED luminaires. The retrofit conversion from fluorescent to LED lighting is fast and easy. Our kits are Designed Lights Consortium (DLC) and UL approved, as well as LED Lighting Facts certified. Each Optilumen LED Retrofit kit includes high quality components and an attractive design that makes the retrofit look like a new LED luminaire – at a considerable savings over installing a new luminaire.

Why Optilumen LED Lighting Solutions Make Sense

According to the latest testing by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Optilumen now produces the most efficient 30/40w retrofit kit on the market, bar none! That’s right, up to a stunning 142L/W delivered!

Benefits of Optilumen RKT Series Conversion – Compared to standard fluorescent lighting:

A relatively small, aggressive, efficient LED lighting company, Optilumen is based in Pennsylvania, USA. Our size allows us to offer custom solutions, quick turnarounds, and one-on-one customer support, while each of our products is designed with the contractor and the end user in mind. Further, our OEM licensed production contracts make us able to deliver your largest orders in a very short time. And, because of our vertical integration, we can offer all of this at prices that make our competitors crazy.

Click here to watch our YouTube video, comparing the Optilumen RKT Retrofit Kit vs. LED Tubes.

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