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Interior Luminaires – Complete Fixtures

Optilumen Interior Luminaires – Complete Fixtures

At Optilumen, we understand that the selection of your Interior Luminaire products begins with understanding the interior space, the visual needs of any tasks performed in the space, and the needs of the spaces occupants. With these requirements in mind, the designer is better able to understand where to place the light and, critically, the options of “how” to provide the desired illumination as a means to maximize visual comfort and visibility, while minimizing possible negatives. Of course, this must be done while remaining cognizant of energy efficiency and controllability.

Our interior LED lighting solutions offer a range of products to meet those needs, including:

Whether for the home or a commercial property, LED lighting offers significant operational efficiencies over traditional fluorescent lighting. Our energy efficient LED luminaires help maximize the return on your lighting investment with state-of-the art designs and the highest manufacturing standards in the industry. In fact:

According to the latest testing by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Optilumen now produces the most efficient 40w retrofit kit on the market, bar none! That’s right, a stunning 124L/W delivered!

LED Lighting Will Brighten Interiors while Reducing Costs

LED lighting has become more than a mere regulatory requirement for contemporary businesses and home owners. It has also become a cost-effective means of lighting interior spaces. Clearly, the numbers speak for themselves:

Optilumen Interior Luminaires will brighten your interior spaces while reducing costs – both short-and long-term.

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